Latest Solution for Pollen and Dust Allergy Relief 
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WoodyKnows Ultra Breathable Nasal Filters
95% pollen filter efficiency, no side effects
World-leading ultrathin (0.04mm) filter
Discreet invisible design
Natural shape and soft material for comfort and fit
0.5 cm away from the sensitive nasal mucosa
Drug-free protection
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74% of hayfever and asthma sufferers report that medications do not adequately control symptoms and 65% of sufferers do not like taking medication because of the side effects.

Do you want to have a nasal filter providing not only excellent filter efficiency but also easy breathing, good appearance, durability and a perfect rim seal? Your best choice is WoodyKnows!

----The latest Ultra thin, Super breathing, Nose-shaped nasal filters!

Find Your Sensitive Pollen
Why Choose WoodyKnows?
95% pollen-blocking efficiency (WoodyKnows‘ mesh opening is smaller than the diameter of pollen, dust, spores)
Outstanding breathability (WoodyKnows has a single layer filter which ensures adequate air-flow through the filter as the thread diameter is less than the diameter of pollen)
No side effects compared with medication
Reusable – constructed from waterproof material
Daily cost of less than $0.60
Insert filters into nostrils then it fastens on nasal septum
From side view, the filter should maintain a slanted position in the nose
You can wear 24 hours a day or only when you believe that protection is needed
You are supposed to adapt it after one day, like wearing contact lenses for the first time
The mesh area of the filters is enlarged for better air permeability (this is because the hypotenuse is longer than right-angle edge)
Because the WoodyKnows is made from flexible material and maintains a slanted position in the nose, the filters will not cause an stabbing injury if the nose is accidentally struck by a ball or other hard object
When correctly positioned, the nasal filters lie almost invisibly just inside the nostrils, only touching the skin of the nasal cavity. The filters are approximately 0.5 cm away from the sensitive nasal mucosa
When correctly recessed in the nostrils, the nasal caps (frames) are invisible and are therefore aesthetically appealing
Comfortable - flexible, light, and ultra thin frames
Flexible and slender frame will not break into pieces to stab nasal cavity
The tailor-made caps (frames) can precisely match your nostrils so as to guarantee the rim forms a good seal and will provide comfortable wearing
Produced from non-toxic materials which ensures the filters are safe to use

Filter Efficiency of WoodyKnows

WoodyKnows Nasal Filters are specifically designed to block out all air-borne particles down to the size of 19 microns. Since 95% of pollens and dust mites are larger than 19 microns, these allergens are easily excluded by WoodyKnows Nasal Filters. Efficiency and breathability are mutually exclusive factors. Nasal filters must trap allergens [efficiency], but they must also permit good air flow for breathing comfort [breathability]. WoodyKnows has been designed with the optimal mesh size for both maximum allergen screening and easy breathing. WoodyKnows therefore combines both Super Efficiency and Super Breathability.