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WoodyKnows Super Defense Nasal Filters (1st Generation), Pollen Allergy Dust Allergies Relief, Nose Masks for Air Pollution Hepa

WoodyKnows Super Defense Nasal Filters (1st Generation), Pollen Allergy Dust Allergies Relief, Nose Masks for Air Pollution Hepa
Item Code: NO0011
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Product Description

- Reduces exposure to dust, pollen, dander, mold, germs, and pollution
- Offers relief from nasal allergies, allergic asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis
- Designed according to the natural shape of your nostrils for comfort and fit with soft medical-grade plastic
- Advanced nano-filter, replaceable every one to five days
- Drug-free protection, easy breathing, discreet invisible design


Why Choose WoodyKnaows Super Defense?

- Advanced nano-filter, blocks 99% of pollen, dust, dander & mold, 90% of germs & PM 2.5 pollution (Nelson Lab tested)
- Natural shape and soft material for comfort and fit
- Discreet invisible design
- Easy breathing
- Drug-free protection


Select Your Size

IR: Small round nostril
IIR: Medium round nostril
IIIR: Large round nostril
IVR: XLarge round nostril
IS: Small slotted nostril
IIS: Medium slotted nostril
IIIS: Large slotted nostril
IVS: XLarge slotted nostril


Packaging Contents

- 3 filter frames and 6 pairs of replacement filters, manual
- Replacement-filter-pack: 24 pairs of replacement filters


More from WoodyKnows

- Replacement-filter-packs do not contain filter frames, so they can NOT be used on their own


Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByDavid
  • Mar 07, 2017

How i can know the length of every size because there is no comparisson to any other object neither any length characteristics?

Another question, what is filter size? PM2.5 means upper from 2.5 micrometers or upper than 2.5 nanometers?

Thank you,


  • ByFrancis Savard
  • Nov 06, 2016
This 1st generation defense nasal filter is the best. It actually works! Thank you WoodyKnows for your concern toward person like my with sever pollen allergies.

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