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Recommended Products in Allergy Solution

Physical Solution
Invisible Nasal Filter 

- Physical Protection from Allergy - WoodyKnows Nasal Filter is a physical way to block inhaled allergens.
It's a good alternative to nasal spray and a good combination with it to achieve the best anti-allergy results.

- Instant Allergy Relief - Advanced electrostatic filters are very effective in keeping allergens(pollen, dust,
dander & mold, pet hair, PM 2.5 etc.) from getting into your nose. It will protect you against nasal allergies,
sinusitis, and rhinitis.

Mouth Mask

- Half Face Masks gives you intimate protection from haze, snow, wind, fog and dust, greatly keep warm
for your face, nose, mouth and ears in the chilly winter.

Drugs and Spray

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