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Mouth Dryness, Sore Throat & Snoring Solution - WoodyKnows Disposable Mouth Strips Mouth Tape, Gently Close Your Mouth to Relieve Mouth Breathing and

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Disadvantages of Mouth Breathing

We were born to breathe through our nose. As we grow up, our respiratory airway also changes due to too much nose or throat tissue and we have to breathe through our mouth which is NOT correct, because mouth breathing

  • decreases the sleep quality dramatically
  • tends to cause bad breath and decayed tooth
  • lets the soft palate partially blocks the airway and causes snoring
  • makes your mouth and throat very dry
  • helps airborne particles go into your respiratory airway directly
  • reduces the oxygen saturation due to lower stress in mouth
  • even changes face shape and body shape

Advantages of Nose Breathing

After applying WoodyKnows mouth strip, you will breathe through your nose with mouth closed and rebuild the healthy habit of mouth breathing after 1-2 weeks. You'll have

  • high-quality sleep all the night and feel refreshed 
  • fresh breath and healthy tooth without germs accumulated in the mouth
  • less snoring caused by vibrations of the soft palate
  • warm, humid inhaled air, and less mouth and throat dryness
  • filtered air with the help of your nose hair
  • enough oxygen saturation due to the higher stress in lung
  • original face shape and body shape

How do you stop Mouth Breathing?

  • Place the WoodyKnows mouth strip centered across your mouth.
  • It will gently close your mouth and lead to nose breathing.
  • There will be less water evaporation and snore can't go out of your mouth any more.

Why choose WoodyKnows Mouth Tape rather than other brands?

  • No mouth breathing, less water evaporation.
  • Mouth and throat dryness will be relieved by applying WoodyKnows Mouth Strips.
  • Develop a healthy habit of nose breathing after applying them several days later.
  • Advanced flexible material, excellent breathability.
  • No adhesive on lip part (only on both ends), no skin irritation.
  • Strong adhesive, not easy to peel off over time.
  • Work well with WoodyKnows nasal dilators, a good alternative to chin straps.
  • Can be used to practice Buteyko Breathing Method.

How to Properly Apply

Before Applying

Shave your moustache and beard before applying. Wash and dry your lips and the skin around your mouth. Dirt, oils, moustache, beard, moisturizers and makeup can weaken the adhesive.

Remove the Liners

Remove the protective liners.


Compress your lips[IMPORTANT], place the strip centered across your mouth, press both ends and rub gently to secure.

Key Features


1. How does WoodyKnows Mouth Strip work?

  • It gently closes your mouth with skin-friendly adhesive and helps build a healthy and natural habit of nose breathing. It will relieve mouth dryness and sore throat in the morning due to mouth breathing. There is less water evaporation and snore can't go out of your mouth any more.

2. Who are WoodyKnows Mouth Tape designed for?

  • WoodyKnows Mouth Tape works perfectly for those who want to change their breathing pattern from mouth breathing into nose breathing and those whose snoring come from mouth breathing.

3. Can they be used with CPAP machine?

  • WoodyKnows Mouth Tape can reduce air leaks through the mouth during sleep. It's a very good combination with a nasal mask or nasal pillows for CPAP users.

4. Is there any residue after taking the strip off?

  • No. The adhesive is skin-friendly and hypoallergic. It is very easy to take off under water and leaves no residue.

5. Is WoodyKnows Mouth Strip comfortable to wear?

  • Yes. Our mouth strip is made from skin-friendly and hypoallergenic adhesive. You won't even notice it while you sleep.

6. Are they reusable or disposable?

  • They are disposable.
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