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WoodyKnows Ultra-Thin Nasal Dilators

WoodyKnows Nasal Dilators Nose Vents(New Model), Instantly Reduces Snoring Caused by Nasal Congestion and Increases Airflow When Exercising
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WoodyKnows Ultra-Thin Inner Nose Strips/ Nasal Dilators provide moderate nostril expansion. They open your nose gently and effectively from within, instantly relieve nasal congestion without any facial blemishes or pain, and help you develop the habit of nasal breathing instead of mouth breathing. The slim connecting clip makes them virtually invisible for daytime and nighttime wear. They work in perfect combination with our Mouth-Tape and Side-Sleeping Back Pillow for better sleeping! Here are their special advantages:

· Ultra-thin and super soft dilators provide moderate expansion and comfort

· The open-ring design allows them to fit various shapes of nostrils, including the uneven nostrils caused by deviated nasal septum

· The patented rib design ensures that the super soft dilators provide adequate expansion

· We offer a special low-cost combo pack including one of each of the three sizes for your first try

· Virtually invisible, medical grade silicone, reusable for more than 30 days


Develop the Habit of Nasal Breathing

Mouth breathing leads to sleep difficulties and snoring, oral and dental diseases, changes in facial structure, hyperventilation and a compromised immune system.

Nasal breathing is much healthier for several reasons. As air enters the nasal cavity, it is humidified and filtered, and the air temperature is regulated. Nitric oxide, a beneficial gas, is also produced. This process keeps harmful substances away from internal organ tissues, optimizes oxygen intake, and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.

This product gently and effectively opens the nose from within, instantly improves nasal airflow, and provides better sleeping and sports

Universal Fit and Balanced Expansion

The open-ring design provides a universal fit to various shapes and sizes of nostrils, including uneven nostrils caused by deviated septum. The patented rib design ensures that the ultra-soft and flexible dilators provide adequate and very comfortable expansion.

Ultra-Thin and Discreet

The Ultra-thin dilators and ribs provides more airflow and comfort, especially for slotted nostrils. You will forget they are there after a few minutes! The slim connecting clip makes them virtually invisible for daytime and nighttime wear.

Low-Cost Combo Trial Pack

The dilators are available in sizes S/M/L. We offer a low-cost Combo Trial Pack containing one of each of the three sizes for your first try. After that, you can order a 3-pack of the size that fits you well. Each dilator is reusable for more than 30 days.

The Simplest, The Best!

Pinch the nasal dilator with bending part facing the tip of your nose. Insert the dilators into your nasal passage. Adjust it to reach a balanced position. You are now ready to breathe freely and sleep quietly.


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