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WoodyKnows 3 in 1 Nose Nasal Filters, Combines Super Defense, Ultra Breathable and Gas & Pollutant Reducing Nasal Filters

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Are you searching for an instant solution to relieve allergy without any side effects?

Are you missing the good sceneries outside because of pollen allergies?

Can't play with your cute pets due to being allergic to their hair?

Don't want to be the air purifier for the vehicle exhaust anymore?

WoodyKnows Nasal Filters physically block inhaled allergens. It's a good alternative to nasal spray and a good combination with it to achieve the best anti-allergy results without any drug side effects.

WoodyKnows Nasal Filters can filter out 90-97% of pollen and dust which protecting you from pollen & grass allergies and offer you an opportunity to feel the freshness of nature again.

Super Defense Nasal Filters block 97% of pet hair, dander & mold to protect you from allergies of your cute puppies and kitties.

The activated carbon filter is covered with TiO2 photocatalyst and cold catalyst coating to adsorb and decompose the toxin from vehicle exhaust, second-hand smoke, PM2.5, air pollution, smog etc.

How to choose your size

Three assembly methods

How to wear

- There are two shapes of nasal filters for your choice, round shape and slotted shape. Please choose it according to the shape of your nostrils.
- The size of nasal cavity is different from size of nose. First-time buyers are highly recommended to order the S(3 frames)+M(3 frames) or L(3 frames)+XL(3 frames) to find the most suitable size.

- S/M/L/XL(Round Nostrils)=I-R/II-R/III-R/IV-R
- S/M/L/XL(Slotted Nostrils)=I-S/II-S/III-S/IV-S


- Method A. Super Defense Model installed with electrostatic filter, which is breathable for moderate pollen, dust, dander,pet hair allergy and pm2.5 air pollution.
- Method B. Ultra Breathable Model installed with metal woven filter which is super breathable for pollen, dust, dander, pet hair allergy.
- Method C. Gas and Pollutant Reducing Model installed with electrostatic filter and activated carbon filter double protection for vehicle exhaust/ second-hand smoke/ TVOC and pm2.5 air pollution.


- Positioning - Holding the frame of the nasal filter with the narrow ends pointing towards your nose tip, the wider ends pointing towards your face, and the connector pointing down.
- Insert - Using your fingers, insert the filters into your nostrils until the bottom of the frame is positioned just inside your nostrils.
- Adjust - Adjust the filters into your nostrils with little fingers.
- Done - You are ready to breathe clean air.


Package Content

Multi-size Pack:

  • Frames*6 Pcs (S/M or L/XL)

  • Pre-installed Filter*6 pairs, Spare Filter*6 pairs

  • Other: Tweezers*1 pair, Storage Case*1 pc, Manual*1 pc

3-Frame Single-size Pack:

  • Frames*3 pcs, single size

  • Pre-installed Filter*3 pairs, Spare Filter*3 pairs

  • Other: Tweezers*1 pair, Storage Case*1 pc, Manual*1 pc

  Super Defense Ultra Breathable Gas and Pollutant Super Defense Max 
Application Pollen, Dust,Mold, Germs, PM2.5/10 Pollen, Pet hair, Dander Vehicle Exhaust,
Second-hand Smoke, and TVOC, Can NOT Remove Smells
Pollen, Dust, Mold, Germs, PM2.5/10  Offers More options to determine which type meets your needs.
Filters Electrostatic filters with a thinner fiber layer Metal woven mesh(0.04mm) Activated carbon filters and electrostatic filters Nano foam filters and electrostatic filters Metal mesh filter, Electrostatic filter,
Activated carbon filter
Breathability Better Best Good Good 3 Kinds of Nasal Filter
Exercising No Yes No No Try UB
Some people have allergy symptoms due to inhaling allergens. After applying WodyKnows Nasal Filters, the allergens are physically blocked and can not go into your respiratory system so that you can go outside even the pollen counts are high!

Filter Efficiency - *Ultra Breathable < *Super Breathable < *Super Defense < *Gas and Pollutant Reducing< *Super Defense Max

Breathablity -  *Ultra Breathable > *Super Breathable > *Super Defense > *Gas and Pollutant Reducing > *Super Defense Max

Amazing!! It works!
I'm extremely sensitive to smells, perfumes, colognes, & smoke give me a migraine. I wore one of these to a large event where many smells were present and I barely smelled anything! It's not noticeable to others and after 3 hours it was still comfortable.
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