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WoodyKnows Ultra Breathable Nasal Filters (New Model) for Allergy Relief

WoodyKnows Ultra Breathable Nose / Nasal Filters (New Model) for Hay Fever, Pollen & Dust Allergies, Pet Hair and Dander Allergy, Allergic Asthma, Sinusitis, Rhinitis Relief Reliever, Block Allergens Airborne Particles, Portable Air Purifier Cleaner Mask
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    IR+IIR+IIIR+IVR(Multi Size Pack) IS+IIS+IIIS+IVS(Multi Size Pack) I-R(3 Frames&6 Filters) II-R(3 Frames&6 Filters) III-R(3 Frames&6 Filters) IV-R(3 Frames&6 Filters) I-S(3 Frames&6 Filters) II-S(3 Frames&6 Filters) III-S(3 Frames&6 Filters) IV-S(3 Frames&6 Filters) I-R(6 Frames&6 Filters) II-R(6 Frames&6 Filters) III-R(6 Frames&6 Filters) IV-R(6 Frames&6 Filters) I-S(6 Frames&6 Filters) II-S(6 Frames&6 Filters) III-S(6 Frames&6 Filters) IV-S(6 Frames&6 Filters)
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Instant Allergy Relief

Are you searching for an instant solution to relieve allergy without any side effects?

  • WoodyKnows Ultra Breathable Nasal Filters physically block airborne allergens and let you enjoy your day freely!

Pollen Allergy

Are you missing the good sceneries outside because of pollen allergies?

  • WoodyKnows Ultra Breathable Nasal Filters are designed to filter out 90% of pollen and dust. Enjoy sceneries with nasal filters.

Can't play with your cute pets due to being allergic to their hair?

  • WoodyKnows Ultra Breathable Nasal Filters block 90% of pet hair, dander & mold. Don't worry about allergies getting in the way!

Key features

How does WoodyKnows Ultra Breathable Nasal Filter(Nasal Screen) Work?

  • WoodyKnows Ultra Breathable Nasal Filter(Nasal Screen) offers an instant allergy relief.
  • It physically blocks airborne allergens such as pollen, grass, dust, pet hair, dander & mold.
  • The frame of the nasal filter is made of very soft plastic(Latex, BPA and Phthalate-free) for your safety, comfort and fit.
  • The replacement filter is made of metal woven mesh for effective filtration.
  • It's the most comfortable and safest anti allergy solution on the market.

Advantages of WoodyKnows Ultra Breathable Nasal Filter(Nasal Screen)

  • Physical Protection from Pollen Allergy - WoodyKnows Ultra Breathable Nasal Filter is a physical way to block inhaled pollen allergens. It's a great alternative to nasal spray, also a good combination with nasal spray to achieve the best anti-allergy results.
  • Instant Pollen Allergy Relief - Metal woven filter(0.04mm) is very easy to breathe through and keeps indoor and outdoor allergens(pollen, dust, dander & mold, pet hair) from getting into your nose. It will protect you against nasal allergies, sinusitis, and rhinitis.
  • Ergonomic & Comfortable Design - The filter frame is designed according to the natural shape of your nostrils, Round and Slotted, for the best comfort, fit and seal.
  • Soft & Safe Material - The frame is made from very soft plastic, Latex-free, BPA and Phthalate-free. It will deform according to your nasal passage to fit you the best.
About size

Packaging Content

Multi-size Pack:

  • Frames*4 pcs(I-R/II-R/III-R/IV-R or I-S/II-S/III-S/IV-S)
  • Spare Filters*8 pairs(4 pairs pre-installed into the frames)
  • Other: Tweezers*1 pair, Storage Case*1 pc, Manual*1 pc 

3-Frame Single-size Pack:

  • Frames*2 pcs(single size)
  • Spare Filters*6 pairs(2 pairs pre-installed into the frames)
  • Other: Tweezers*1 pair, Storage Case*1 pc, Manual*1 pc

6-Frame Single-size Pack:

  • Frames*6 pcs(single size)
  • Spare Filters*6 pairs(6 pairs pre-installed into the frames)
  • Other: Storage Case*1 pc, Manual*1 pc

Replacement Filters Pack:

  • Replacement Filters*12 pairs

How to wear
How to select


1. How do I know which size is correct for my nose?

  • Size is very important to ensure the filter's efficacy and durability. Please refer to the following Sizing Instruction.
  • Please refer to the Round Vs. Slotted Nostril image to decide if you need round or slotted(narrow and long) size series.
  • First-time buyers are recommended to order the multi-size pack-(I-R/II-R/III-R/IV-R) or multi-size pack-(I-S/II-S/III-S/IV-S).
  • If you need a suggestion from us, please kindly send the picture of your nostrils to us.

2. What's the difference among all the WoodyKnows Nasal Filters?

  • Different breathability of different nasal filter models, Ultra Breathable> Super Defense> Gas and Pollutant Reducing> Super Defense Max(New Release)
  • Different filtration efficiency of different nasal filter models, Ultra Breathable< Super Defense< Gas and Pollutant Reducing< Super Defense Max(New Release)
  • If you are very sensitive to breathability, Ultra Breathable is highly recommended to you.
  • If you need the best protection, Super Defense Max(New Release) is recommended to you.
  • If you need protection for second-hand smoke, vehicle exhaust, TVOC, Gas and Pollutant Reducing is recommended to you.

3. How should I clean the nasal filter? Is it disposable?

  • The frame of the nasal filter is reusable. Please wash it with soap water or 70% alcohol every day and dry it in the shade.
  • The replacement filters are disposable and need changing every 1-3 days.

4. Can the frame of Ultra Breathable work with Super Defense/Gas and Pollutant Reducing/Super Defense Max replacement filters?

  • Yes. All of WoodyKnows nasal filters are made of same frames but different replacement filters. If the replacement filter's size is same as that of the frame, they can work together perfectly.

5. Can Ultra Breathable work for smells, for example perfumes?

  • No. The metal woven mesh filters of Ultra Breathable are for pollen, dust, pet hair, dander & mold.
  • Gas and Pollutant Reducing Nasal Filter works for the toxins from the bad smells. The product received some positive feedbacks according to our customers who have MCS(Multiple Chemical Sensitivity).
  • Please be noticed that the nasal filter can NOT remove all the smells. Your sense of smell won't stop working unless something can totally block all the air and smells which means you can't breathe through your nose.

6. Will my nose shape alter after wearing it?

  • No. it won't. The nasal filter is designed according to the natural shape of your nostrils for your comfort and fit with very soft plastic, BPA , Phthalate and Latex free. The filter should be a little bit bigger than your nasal passage for a better seal. When you take the nasal filter off, your nose will return to its shape as usual.

7. Where can I find the size chart?

  • The size of your nostrils are different from that of your nose. Please do NOT choose size according to your outer nose size.
  • First-time buyers are recommended to order the multi-size pack--(I-R/II-R/III-R/IV-R) or multi-size pack-(I-S/II-S/III-S/IV-S).
  • The Length*Width*Height(mm) of all the sizes are as below(measured manually with deviation).
  • I-R: 12*10*6 II-R: 13*11*6 III-R: 14*12*6 IV-R:15*14*6.
  • I-S: 15*8*6 II-S: 17*9*6 III-S: 19*10*6 IV-S: 21*13*6.
Some people have allergy symptoms due to inhaling allergens. After applying WodyKnows Nasal Filters, the allergens are physically blocked and can not go into your respiratory system so that you can go outside even the pollen counts are high!

Filter Efficiency - *Ultra Breathable < *Super Breathable < *Super Defense < *Gas and Pollutant Reducing< *Super Defense Max

Breathablity -  *Ultra Breathable > *Super Breathable > *Super Defense > *Gas and Pollutant Reducing > *Super Defense Max

Trying them out right now -- comfortable so far
Trying them out right now -- comfortable so far. Easy to use. Breathing feels natural, unrestricted.
That being said, I will continue with my nasal steroid to help with my clogged nose.

Offering 3 sizes in one package is brilliant -- now my husband can try them too!
These are helping me cope with the poor air quality of our house :)

Life changing solution for Cat Allergy!
This has changed my life! I am allergic to cats but I can't live without them. I was losing sleep from snotting and blowing my nose all night. Years ago I would shove kleenex up my nose as a filter. It worked but it was tickly and a nuisance. I started buying these Woody Knows filters a month ago and I haven't snotted since. Keeps the cat dander out of my nose. It works best for me when I change he filter every 2 to 3 days or it starts
to feel like I'm not getting enough air. It was difficult to change at first but it is easy now.

I highly recommend these for allergy sufferers
I am highly allergic to animals and packed these on a cross country flight, just in case of animal exposure. A dog, the size of a pony, was on our flight a couple rows away. I wore these the entire flight and while I still had an allergic reaction on my skin due to the animal, I didn't have allergies in my sinuses. I highly recommend these for allergy sufferers. I find almost anything on face to be uncomfortable for an extended time, yet these were comfortable to wear for 6 hours. They had a good seal in my nose and I could still breath easily. They went in quickly and stayed in place. Your nostrils may look slightly enlarged, but it's only noticeable if someone is really examining your face.
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