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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get the right size and shape for your nostrils fit?
- Shoot a picture of your nostrils to see if you have round or slotted/narrow nostrils. Size is very important to ensure the nasal filter/dilator's efficacy and durability. First-time buyers are recommended to order the Multi-Size-Pack. For the nasal filters, if you hace round nostrils, Multi-Size-Pack(IR/IIR/IIIR/IVR) is recommended to you. If you have slotted/narrow nostrils, Multi-Size-Pack(IS/IIS/IIIS/IVS)/(S/M/L/XL) is recommended to you. For nasal dilators, first-time buyers are recommended to order the Multi-Size-Pack(S/M/L/XL).

Everyone's nose is shaped differently, and choosing Multi-Size-Pack is more efficient than measuring the nose size by yourselves.

2. How can I choose the right nasal filters?
- WoodyKnows has 6 kinds of nasal filters, Ultra Breathable (UB), Super Defense (SD), and Gas&Pollutant Reducing(GP). The breathablility of them is as followed, UB>>SD>>GP, while the filtration efficacy is on the contrary, UB<<SD<<GP . All of them have same frames but different filter material, which means if you have the frame, you only need to buy different replacement filters to try. Single layer metal woven mesh is for Ultra Breathable (UB), Nano foam for Super Breathable (SB), electrostatic fiber for Super Defense (SD), activated carbon electrostatic fiber double filters for Gas&Pollutant Reducing(GP).

3. How can I clean the nasal filters/dilators?
- We don't recommend you to wash the replacement filters because this will affect its filtration effect. The replacement filters need changing every 1-3 days. The filter frame/nasal dilator should be washed every day for hygiene with soap or 70% alchol for maximum protection and avoid avoid direct sunlight. With proper care, the frame/dilator could be used for more than 1 month.

4. How long will my order be processed?
- Your order will be processed in 1-2 business days after the payment. There will be a delay if the carriers stop service during Chinese Festivals.

5. Payment method.
- Currently we only accept paypal. Thanks.