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WoodyKnows Allerscreen Nasal Filters

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  • For Seasonal Allergies - Shields you from seasonal allergies. Filters out up to 90% airborne pollen and dust, reducing their impact on your respiratory health.
  • Sinus and Nasal Congestion Relief - Lessens your exposure to indoor and outdoor allergens which may trigger sinus and nasal congestion. It works in perfect combination with nasal sprays and allergy tablets during the peak allergy season, with its help, you can significantly reduce medication dosages to avoid potential side effects which may lead to permanent nasal mucosal and blood vessel damage.
  • Ultra-Breathable Mesh Filter and Ergonomic Frame - Made with advanced micron-level mesh filters. The single-layered filter is as thin as 18 microns for super breathability. With the help of the nostril shaped frame, you can easily find a filter with the perfect fit, seal, and comfort.
  • New Model - New shape is applied to fit both narrow and round nostrils. The side wall of the frame is widened to disperse the contact pressure and make it more stable in the nasal passage. A longer connector makes it easier to fit all kinds of septums.
  • Alternative Filters Available - Please use the alternative filters to save your expenses. This product works in perfect combination with our nasal spray inhaler and nasal dilator to provide a complete solution to seasonal allergies, sinus, and nasal congestion. Please visit our store for more products
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Amazing!! It works!
I'm extremely sensitive to smells, perfumes, colognes, & smoke give me a migraine. I wore one of these to a large event where many smells were present and I barely smelled anything! It's not noticeable to others and after 3 hours it was still comfortable.
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